Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Chamisa Realty, Inc. was started in August, 1978 by the current qualifying broker, Pat Perraglio. Pat was born in the valley and knows the area very well and has many, many wonderful contacts with people all over northern New Mexico.

Northern New Mexico is such a unique, diverse culture and has so many incredible sites and people it truly requires someone who absolutely loves it all to be successful. We are in a high desert area here. We range from lush, green meadows along the mighty Rio Grande to flat mesa tops with fascinating petroglyphs to the highest mountains in the state where there is world class skiing, hunting, fishing and boating.

Chamisa agents have worked the entire state-East to West, North to South, but primarily we work north central New Mexico along the Rio Grande.

We have experienced, professional agents for all of your real estate needs, residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial. Just give us a call at 505 753 2258.

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